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SEO, SEM and Web development by Juergen Sogemeyer (JUSORS) in NRW, Germany.
SEO Search Engine Optimization and SEM Search Engine Marketing by Juergen Sogemeyer.

Web development with SEO causes you to be found by potential customers on Google!

As a web development freelancer, I can assist you by your website including SEO & SEM.

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With an example I would like to show you what optimized good web development can achieve.

For this I use the website of the designer Thomas Clever as an example.

Please click once on this link of the TC website to browse a little bit in the world of design!

After you have taken a look at the HTML / CSS pages, please have a look at the following three pictures, which I created on January 23rd, 2020.

Pic. 1 shows a Google search result. Please note that Google found 26,700 results for the search term "handskizze designer". I have removed the first picture because it doesn´t matter for example. On position two is a hand sketch made by the designer Thomas Clever. My example shows that the search engine optimization (SEO) of the site was successful. Although support through targeted search engine marketing (SEM) was not applied!

Pic. 2 shows a Google PageSpeed Insights result. This number evaluates the HTML-, CSS- and integration of the images.

Pic. 3 shows you another speed test on Think with Google / Test My Site. The loading time on the website is essential for success on the Internet! The normal user usually breaks off the loading of a page after about four seconds. Although this fact is known, these loading times are often ignored. Scroll down on the Test My Site from Google. Below the title "Evaluate the impact of a faster website", Google calculates the increase of the turnover that accelerating has.

Search Engine Optimized website from the Automotive Designer Thomas Clever. Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design awarded with honors. Art Center College of Design / Europe This number 100 from the Google Page Speed Insights result evaluates the HTML-, CSS- and integration of the images. The picture shows the Think with Google speed Test result with a rating fast. Less then one second

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